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At MLA Architecture & Development, our commitment lies in delivering unparalleled value to our esteemed clientele. Our expertise revolves around innovative strategies that unlock the inherent potential within residences and development sites. Through a personalized and comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach, we assume complete control of the entire process – from navigating the intricacies of planning permissions to overseeing construction and the final handover.

Our foremost objective centres on crafting thoughtfully designed homes that impeccably align with the unique preferences of each client. Our portfolio spans an array of projects, encompassing residential extensions, loft conversions, and the development of new sites. Each undertaking is embraced with a receptive mindset, leveraging our accumulated wisdom to unearth the optimal design solution for both the project and the client.

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Recent Awards

BUILD – Leading Architectural Design Studio Specialising in Innovative Residential, Commercial and Conservation Projects, 2022

BUILD – Most Innovative Residential Design Practice, 2021

BUILD – Best Residential Property Transformation Project (South London): Wrap House 2021

BUILD – Best Residential & Commercial Architecture Practice, 2020

BUILD – Recognised Leaders in Architecture and Design, 2020

Greater London Enterprise Awards – Best Rural Residential Architecture Firm 2020

Meet the team

Michael Langley Founding Director

Meet Michael, a dedicated visionary with a fervent drive for the metamorphosis of existing properties and development sites into exquisite, functional new homes that consistently transcend expectations. Armed with a degree in Architecture and Sustainable Design, complemented by a Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Project Management, Michael embodies a unique blend of talents. This fusion of architectural ingenuity and project management expertise forms the bedrock of MLA’s distinctive offering, where innovative design concepts harmonize seamlessly with practical construction proficiency.

Michael accompanies you every step of the way throughout your project’s journey. With unwavering commitment, he ensures the embodiment of your vision and the realization of your project to the utmost standards of excellence.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Michael finds solace in the gym, cherishes quality family time, and shares a profound affection for dogs—particularly his endearing Pug, Frank, who often graces the studio with his presence!

Should you wish to engage in a dialogue with Michael regarding your upcoming project, we welcome you to share your details through our convenient contact form. Your aspirations are ready to be brought to life under Michael’s expert guidance.

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Alberto Palacios Senior Architectural Technologist

Meet the mastermind behind the scenes at MLA – Alberto, our technical virtuoso.

Alberto possesses an unwavering zeal for meticulously navigating the intricate technical intricacies of our projects. Armed with dual degrees in Architectural Engineering and Architectural Technology, his grasp of construction dynamics and building science stands unparalleled. Juggling multiple projects with finesse, he ensures that every output maintains the pinnacle of quality, enriching MLA with a diverse skill set. As a client, your journey will intersect with Alberto during the project’s latter stages, when he orchestrates the convergence of all essential technical elements.

Beyond his professional realm, Alberto finds solace in reconnecting with his roots in his Northern Spanish hometown, where his family resides. This connection rejuvenates his spirit and ignites his passion for both personal and professional pursuits.

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Amelia Mlynarczyk Acquisitions Manager

Meet Amelia, our seasoned Acquisitions Manager at MLA Architecture and Development. With over a decade as an account manager for a tier 1 contractor, she brings a wealth of experience to our team. Amelia excels in strategic acquisitions, leveraging her deep industry knowledge to identify and secure prime opportunities. Her track record of managing high-profile projects showcases a commitment to excellence. Amelia’s collaborative approach and keen business acumen make her a valuable asset as we navigate the dynamic landscape of architecture and land development.

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Our Services

Phase 1

Architectural Design


Feasibility Design


Planning Permission


Building Control Approval


Tender Preparation


Construction Working Drawings


Contract Administration


3D Design & Visualisation

Explore our comprehensive array of architectural services, meticulously aligned with the RIBA plan of work. Our offerings span the entire spectrum, commencing with preliminary design exploration and extending to securing planning permissions and overseeing the intricacies of the building contract. Armed with extensive expertise and a wealth of experience, we guarantee that the design phase is immaculately refined before transitioning into the construction stage. Whether you're a homeowner seeking transformation or a commercial entity embarking on a new venture, our suite of architectural services is tailored to your needs. Take the first step by visiting our contact page, where you can share your requirements and initiate the journey with us.

Phase 2

Land & Development


Land with or without Planning


New Build Development Sites


Commercial Conversions


Barn Conversions


Land Acquistion


Option Agreements


Promotion Agreements

Harnessing the synergy between our architectural and planning divisions, our development arm emerges as a catalyst for unlocking hidden potential within both land and existing structures. Our approach extends beyond the conventional boundaries, encompassing sites irrespective of their planning status. Through our innovative prowess, we engineer solutions and devise strategies that not only unearth possibilities but also structure deals to yield substantial financial gains for all stakeholders. If you're in possession of a plot of land or an existing building, and the prospect of realizing its full potential intrigues you, we invite you to connect with us. Visit our contact page and submit your inquiry; a dedicated member of our team will promptly reach out to you. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey of discovery and prosperity.