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Discover the key to unlocking the untapped potential of your land with MLA Architecture & Development. Our dedicated team of experts is driven to navigate the complexities of planning policy, land promotion, and development for new residential schemes on small to medium-sized sites.

Are you ready to transform your land? Our skilled professionals possess the insight and knowledge to unlock development opportunities, adding significant value by securing planning permission across a diverse range of sites. Partnering with architects, layout planners, planning experts, quantity surveyors, civil engineers, project managers, main contractors, and estate agents, we’ve assembled a powerhouse team to turn your vision into reality.

Choosing MLA means choosing a hands-off, turnkey, and low-risk solution. We cover all planning and construction costs and risks, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion. Ready to take the next step? Visit our contact page to share your site details and connect with us. Let’s bring your vision to life together.

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What do we look for?

Planning Uplift Land Without Planning Permission

Do you own a piece of land and wish to unlock its hidden possibilities? Whether it’s a backyard, a side garden, or a large existing plot, our experts provide advice on planning potential and financial gain. Visit our contact page to share your site details. Our team will connect with you soon to explore possibilities


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Land Development Professional Construction Delivery

Are you already in possession of a site that already has live or lapsed planning permission? We are actively seeking development sites where we can add value, develop and sell. We have an in-house expert delivery team including Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, and Site Managers to deliver to the highest standards. Please feel free to our contact page to share your site details

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Our Process

Phase 1

Site Feasibility

Our first step is to meet in person at the site to get to know each other a little better.

Once our initial discussions have come to a natural close we will proceed to review the site and its characteristics. This is likely to involve taking measurements, a review of existing services and key site constraints to inform our site appraisal

Once we have all the information we need we will go away and to conduct further due diligence using our in house Architectural & Planning Consultants.

Following the conclusion of our due diligence we will contact you to discuss our findings in the format of a site appraisal report outlining the viability of the site for development and its potential value.

Phase 2

Negotiations & Security

Following your positive response to our site appraisal report. We will enter into negotiations for the purchase of the land. We are open an honest will our calculations with our offers focused on achieving the best possible return for our clients.

Once our offer has been accepted we will arrange for our solicitors to draft an option agreement giving both parties security and peace of mind.

MLA cover all costs in relation to the Option Agreement

Phase 3

Planning Submission

Following the execution of the option agreement, we will proceed to formalise the formal planning application in preparation for submission. This will include all necessary surveys and reports to ensure we have the highest possible chance of approval. Our Chartered Town Planning consultant will lead the planning application and determination process and we will provide regular updates throughout the 12-16 week determination period.

MLA cover all costs in relation to the Planning Application

Phase 4

Approval & Completion

Following the receipt of the successful planning approval, the uplift in value is now complete and we can proceed with the sale of the site. Once the sale is complete you will receive your funds!

Phase 5


The site is now ready to be developed. We will either proceed to develop out the site ourselves or pass on the site to one of our development partners.