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Balham, London



The approach

In the vibrant heart of Balham, London, a tale of transformation unfolds as our clients presented us with a captivating challenge—to metamorphose their mid-terraced property into a haven of modernity. Embracing the canvas of innovation, we embarked on a journey to maximize the potential of the space, weaving architectural marvels that redefine the conventional.

A symphony of extensions emerged to amplify both form and function. The ground floor welcomed a dynamic side/rear extension, while the crowning jewel took shape in the form of a generous l-shaped mansard loft addition on the top floor.

However, our vision extended beyond mere structural expansion. Eager to infuse contemporary charm into this narrative, we made bold aesthetic choices. The rear side return came alive with the embrace of charred timber cladding, a dramatic touch that gracefully envelops walls and roof alike. At loft level, vivid pigmento red zinc clad dormer windows punctuate the traditional slate mansard roof slope. A harmonious consistency in colour between the zinc cladding and Velfac window frames binds the existing abode with its newly sculpted counterparts.

The culmination of our endeavour is a spectacle of design innovation that has redefined the property’s essence. The project now stands as a testament to architectural prowess and the harmonious coalescence of contemporary vision with timeless tradition.

Today, this transformative journey is complete, and our clients relish the fruits of their newly unveiled haven. If the prospect of reimagining your own space resonates with you, if you envision your property undergoing a similar metamorphosis, seize the moment. Connect with us to explore the boundless possibilities, and together, let’s craft a narrative of architectural brilliance that reflects your unique aspirations.

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